Name: Stimulate the Participation of SMEs from NMS in IST Activites
Link: http://www.epristart.org/epristart/content/index.php
Funding_Authority: EU-FP6
Coordinator: Teleport Sachsen - Anhalt GMBH
Start_Date: 01/03/2005
End_Date: 30/08/2006
Duration(months): 18
UCY_Budget: 50,728
Principal_Investigator: Samaras George


EPRI-start aims to stimulate the participation of small and medium enterprises from all ten New Member States of the European Union in the European Union’s IST Programme. During its duration (from March 2005 to August 2006) EPRI-start will develop a pool of 150 potential project partners from the New Member States. The project comprises an extensive range of activities to both educate innovative IST-oriented enterprises from the New Member States with no or low experiences in participating in the IST programme and at the same time raise the awareness of existing and newly arising consortia in the IST community to find potential project partners form the New Member States.

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