Name: Linking Health Professionals in Emerging Care Environments
Funding_Authority: SUBCONTRACTING
Coordinator: Πολυκλινική Λητώ
Start_Date: 01/09/2005
End_Date: 28/02/2007
Duration(months): 18
UCY_Budget: 28,500
Principal_Investigator: Pitsillides Andreas


LINKCARE is the project that aims to market validate new competitive services with a view to link health professionals in emerging care environments. The main idea for the business case of LinkCare is the provision of services that: Facilitate the establishment of an European convergent healthcare system that is centred on the chronic patients, coordinated across different levels of the health and community services Facilitate ubiquitous and mobile new working practices for health professionals with a multiplicity of working profiles that, in turn, require interoperability with existing information resources LINKCARE will focus, not only on the suitability of the platforms, from the technical point of view - interoperability, security, standards and regulations -, but also on the needs and requirements that are specific for the care of patients with chronic health problems - coordination of professionals across time, centred on the patient, and collaboration among different levels of care. In the framework of the market validation, the consortium will run pilot installations, will establish the requirements to integrate the services in the existing operational/legacy systems, will set up the training plan to successfully validate the platform and will elaborate the deployment strategy on the basis of the outcome of the market and business analysis and the conclusions from the pilots validation. The 3 test sites used for the evaluation provide common services for patients with chronic conditions. They are HCPB in Spain, CNRHA in Norway, and LITO in Cyprus.

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