Name: Interoperable Content for Performance in a competency driven society
Link: http://www.ld-grid.org/resources/projects/icoper
Funding_Authority: EU-ECONTENPLUS
Coordinator: Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien Augasse
Start_Date: 01/09/2008
End_Date: 28/02/2011
Duration(months): 30
UCY_Budget: 134,400
Principal_Investigator: Evripidou Paraskevas


ICOPER is a Best Practice Network co-funded by the eContentplus programme of the European Community. The project has the mission to collect and further develop best practices for higher education tackling issues like creating learning designs and teaching methods, authoring content for re-use, transferring knowledge in an outcome-oriented way and assessing it, or evaluating learning activities. The 25 Partners from all over Europe are key and leading experts in digital educational development and technology enhanced learning (TEL). As an Open Network Philosophy is followed everyone can get involved, contribute, and benefit.

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