Name: Design, Implementation and Dissemination of Multiciplinary online Java Digital Signal Processing
Link: http://ece-research.unm.edu/jdsp/
Funding_Authority: ΔΙΑΦΟΡΑ - ΕΞΩΤΕΡΙΚΟΥ
Coordinator: Arizona State University
Start_Date: 16/08/2008
End_Date: 31/07/2015
Duration(months): 84
UCY_Budget: 19,300
Total_Budget: 19,300
Principal_Investigator: Pattichis Constantinos


This multidisciplinary CCLI phase 3 proposal is on a collaborative project involving several universities coordinated by Arizona State University (ASU). It builds on several products and outcomes of two previous Phase 2 CCLI EMDs and revolves around our online software technology J-DSP. This Phase 3 proposed comprehensive project expands the scope of J-DSP beyond Electrical Engineering to other fields associate with multidisciplinary applications, including J-DSP/Earth Systems version which will be customized for earth system sciences and geology, extensions of J-DSP to arts and media, interpreting biological signals from ion-channel sensors, embedding J-DSP in FPGA systems courses, and other.

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