Name: Entrepreneurship Laboratory for Eastern European Regions
Funding_Authority: EU-FP5
Coordinator: The Athens Laboratory of Business Administration
Start_Date: 01/09/2001
End_Date: 15/04/2003
Duration(months): 18
UCY_Budget: 170,960
Principal_Investigator: Samaras George


ENLARGE is a non take up accompanying measure that addresses the IST Action line II.1.5 by promoting broad adoption of eCommerce and eWork in regional and sectoral settings of Eastern Europe and Balkan countries. ENLARGE will develop a methodology for devising and putting into action an eBusiness strategy, customised in nation specific and local characteristics of the participating countries. The project will also produce training courses that target SMEs managers and aim at stimulating their exploitation of eBusiness opportunities. ENLARGE results will be tested in Enlargement countries, where eCommerce deployment is still low. ENLARGE aims to support economic integration of Enlargement countries by providing an e-strategy framework that will stimulate SMEs participation into global digital economy.

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