Name: Electronic health record at national level
Funding_Authority: ΙΠΕ-ΔΕΣΜΗ 2009-2010 ΔΙΑΡΘΡΩΤΙΚΑ
Coordinator: Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ)
Start_Date: 02/04/2012
End_Date: 08/01/2014
Duration(months): 28
UCY_Budget: 136,774
Total_Budget: 191,974
Principal_Investigator: Schizas Christos


The main objective of this project is to study and analyze The problems and challenges related to The deployment of The Cyprus Electronic Health Record (EHR) and develop guidelines and policies that will minimize such risks of failure and will assist in The implementation and deployment of The national EHR. -this project aims to improve The Health care services by developing new policies and guidelines for The implementation of The national EHR, which will assist in The management and organization of The Health centers, The decision making and The fast effective management of knowledge in The Health sector. The overarching aim of The project will strengthen The initiatives related to The formation of strategies and policies for public Health, The medical data management and protection. Finally, The results of The project will bear social benefits since this can assist in The development of a correct EHR which will improve The Health care services. It will have also economic effects since this will reduce The total cost of The deployment and It will built on existing experiences gained by other countries.

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