Name: Visorsurf - A Hardware Platform for Software-driven Fuctional Metasurfaces
Funding_Authority: EU-H2020
Coordinator: Foundation for Research & Technology Hellas (FORTH)
Start_Date: 01/01/2017
End_Date: 30/06/2020
Duration(months): 42
UCY_Budget: 1,962,250
Total_Budget: 5,748,000
Principal_Investigator: Pitsillides Andreas
Co_principal_Investigator: Philippou Anna


The project will undertake the ambitious goal of providing programming concepts and algorithms in crafting the electromagnetic/light behavior of materials. Metamaterials and metasurfaces are presently non-adaptive and non-reusable, restricting their applicability to a single, static functionality per structure and their design remains a task for specialized researchers. VISORSURF aims to develop a hardware platform -the HyperSurface- that can host metasurface functionalities described in software, adding the potential for hosting multiple functionalities concurrently and adaptively. The HyperSurface essentially merges existing metasurfaces with nanonetworks, acting as a reconfigurable metasurface whose properties can be changed via a software interface. VISORSURF will study in depth the novel and unexplored theoretical capabilities of the HyperSurface concept. Two experimental prototypes will be implemented to demonstate the HyperSutface concept: a switch-based fabric array as the control medium; and a Graphene based one. A real pilot-application will demonstrate the HyperSurface potential to adapt to changes in their environment, to interconnect to smart control loops and make use of Information Technology (IT) programming concepts and algorithms in crafting the EM behavior of materials.

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