Name: European Knowledge Alliance for innovative education of Surgical and Interventional skills
Link: http://www.easier-project.eu/
Funding_Authority: EU-ERASMUS+
Coordinator: Everis Spain SL
Start_Date: 01/11/2017
End_Date: 31/10/2020
Duration(months): 36
UCY_Budget: 84,145
Total_Budget: 1,000,010
Principal_Investigator: Papadopoulos George


(Knowledge Alliance): EASIER involves leading higher education institutions and companies in bringing together different training technologies to provide a multi-skills learning experience for surgical and interventional education. It proposes an innovative solution for teaching and learning technical and nontechnical skills based on TEL. The solution will integrate TEL assets (virtual reality, augmented video, augmented box trainers, etc.), providing residents and mentors with a learning management system to programme training activities, have access to ubiquitous learning and monitor progress on their learning experience. SEIT is responsible (among other) for the design and development of the Learning Management System, and its integration with existing solutions.

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