HSAdapt - A.P

Name: Real-time Control of the Wireless Behavior of Environments with HyperSurfaces
Funding_Authority: ΙΠΕ-RESTART 2016-2020
Coordinator: Univesity of Cyprus
Start_Date: 02/04/2018
End_Date: 01/04/2020
Duration(months): 24
UCY_Budget: 98,112
Total_Budget: 98,112
Principal_Investigator: Pitsillides Andreas
Co_principal_Investigator: Philippou Anna


Real-time Control of the Wireless Behavior of Environments with HyperSurfaces

Metamaterials (MMs) and Metasurfaces (MSs) are a new class of materials with engineered properties, even if these go against nature. Once designed and manufactured, commonly by specialised researchers in the field, they are generally `rigid` and optimised only for the set of the given application requirements and environmental conditions designed for. If any of these conditions change then their performance is altered. VISORSURF - A Hardware Platform for Software-driven Functional Metasurfaces project will provide programmatic MSs to implement customised behaviour, on demand, using a set of MS tiles, called HyperSurfaces (HSs). The optimisation of the behaviour will be dealt within VISORSURF mostly by using off-line techniques (e.g. Genetic Algorithms). This will only guarantee their behaviour as long as the environmental conditions designed for (e.g. angle of arrival of the e-m wave) remain the same. The objectives of HSadapt, the proposed project, are to investigate the real-time control of these specialised HSs, which will allow for their dynamic and adaptive control for given reference objectives, even with changing environmental conditions. Furthermore, it will look at the specification and verification of multi-agent, large-scale systems, which will support the implementation of the theoretical results of the project on a large scale. Finally, the theoretical directions will be supported by some experimentation and prototyping, extended from the VISORSURF project

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