Name: Dynamically Reconfigurable mHealth Video Communications for Real-time Adaptation to Time-Varying Constraints
Coordinator: UCY
Start: 01/09/2015
End: 31/08/2017
Duration(months): 3
UCY_Budget: 42,800
Total_Budget: 42,800
Academic: Pitsillides Andreas


The objective of this project was to develop a unifying framework to support real-time adaptation of mobile Health (mealth) video communication systems to time-varying constraints imposed by video content and available bandwidth. The goal was to provide reliable, diagnostically-lossless clinical video quality, throughout the streaming session, that aids in the adoption of mHealth video systems in standard clinical practice. The proposed approach relied on new, multi-objective optimization methods that facilitated real-time dynamically reconfigurable encoding configurations, which jointly optimized medical video quality, associated bitrate demands, and encoding time requirements. The resulting framework is scalable and underlying technology independent, in the sense that the developed methods are applicable to different video content, compression technologies, wireless networks, and processing devices, provided that the appropriate system training is performed.

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