Name: An Open, Trusted Fog Computing Platform Facilitating the Deployment, Orchestration and Management of Scalable, Heterogeneous and Secure lot services and cross-cloud apps
Funding_Authority: EU-H2020
Coordinator: UBITECH
Start_Date: 01/01/2020
End_Date: 31/12/2022
Duration(months): 36
UCY_Budget: 501,250
Total_Budget: 4,999,677
Principal_Investigator: Dikaiakos Marios
Co_principal_Investigator: Pallis George


The vision of RAINBOW is to design and develop an open and trusted fog computing platform that facilitates the development and management of scalable, heterogeneous and secure IoT services and cross-clouds applications (i.e.: microservices). RAINBOW falls within the bigger vision of developing a platform enabling users to remotely control the infrastrucuture that is running, potentially, on hundreds of edge devices (i.e.: wearables) thousands of fog nodes in a factory building or flying in the sky (i.e.: drones), and millions of vehcles travelling in a certain aerea or across Europe.

RAINBOW aspires aspires to enable fog computing to reach its true potential by providing the deployment, orchestration, network fabric and data mangement for scalable and secure edge applications, addressing the need to timely process the ever-increasing amount of data continusly gathered from heterogeneous IoT devices and appliances.

Our solution will provide significant benefits for popular cloud platforms, fog middleware, and distributed data management engines, and will extend the open-source ecosystem by pushing intelligence to the network edgewhile also, ensuring security and privacy primitives across the device-fog-cloud application stack.

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