Name: Fogify: A Fog Computing Emulator Framework
Funding_Authority: ΙΠΕ-RESTART 2016-2020
Coordinator: UCY
Start_Date: 01/09/2020
End_Date: 31/08/2022
Duration(months): 24
UCY_Budget: 25,062
Total_Budget: 25,062
Principal_Investigator: Pallis George
Co_principal_Investigator: Dikaiakos Marios


Fog Computing is now emerging as the dominating paradigm bridging the compute and connectivity gap between sensing devices(a.k.a “things") and latency-sensitive and remote services. However, experimenting and evaluating such services is a daunting obstacle which usually involves the deployment and manual configuration of a mixture of geo-distributed physical and virtual infrastructure with different resource and network requirements. This results in suboptimal, costly and error-prone deployments due to numerous unexpected overheads not initially envisioned in the design phase and underwhelming testing conditions not resembling the end environment. In this project, we will develop an emulator easing the modeling, deployment and experimentation of fog and edge testbeds. Fogify provides developers with a toolset to: (i) model complex fog deployments comprised of heterogeneous resources, network capabilities and QoS requirements; (ii) deploy the modelled configuration and services described as containerized infrastructure-as-code in a cloud or local environment; (iii) experiment, measure and evaluate the deployment by injecting faults and adapting the configuration at runtime to test different “what- if"scenarios that reveal the limitations of a service before introduced to the public.

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