Funding_Authority: EU-ERASMUS+
Coordinator: Πολωνία
Start_Date: 01/09/2020
End_Date: 31/08/2022
Duration(months): 36
UCY_Budget: 44,246
Total_Budget: 290,830
Principal_Investigator: Papadopoulos George


TOOLS: The project stems from the belief that foreign languages, English in particular, form a very powerful platform for enhanced education and personal development for learners with different individual needs. The project main goal is to prepare pre- and in-service English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers to face diversity in the EFL classroom. Other goals concentrate on raising their awareness of the necessity of dealing with mixed ability, enhancing the quality of teacher training in social and cultural inclusion, promoting ICT as an instrument to favour inclusion, providing educators with strategies and resources to create a learning environment that meets all students’ needs, organizing seminars to advocate for non-discriminatory attitudes in teaching, and setting up a debate platform to share ideas regarding inclusion in the EFL class. SEIT is responsible (among others) for developing the online e-learning environment and tools.

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