Name: Participation and recreation through inclusive martial art education and e-learning
Funding_Authority: EU-ERASMUS+
Coordinator: IKKAIDO LTD, UK
Start_Date: 01/09/2019
End_Date: 28/02/2022
Duration(months): 30
UCY_Budget: 53,110
Total_Budget: 331,841
Principal_Investigator: Papadopoulos George


PRIMAE: An Inclusive eLearning Best Practice report, Inclusive Curriculum, Inclusive Pedagogical Plan, and Inclusive eLearning course in physical activity (martial arts) and education on an eLearning platform will be created using the ADDIE methodology to provide learners with and without a disability with the specific opportunity to gain accredited and regulated Awards and Certificates on the European Qualification Framework. SEIT is responsible (among other) for the design and development of the accessible e-learning environment.

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