Name: eSticky
Funding_Authority: ΙΠΕ-RESTART 2016-2020
Coordinator: Ίδρυμα Έρευνας και Καινοτομίας (ΙΔΕΚ - ΙΠΕ)
Start_Date: 01/04/2020
End_Date: 30/09/2022
Duration(months): 30
UCY_Budget: 174,960
Total_Budget: 174,960
Principal_Investigator: Papadopoulos George


AAL Electronic Sticky Notes for Dementia Care (eSticky Notes): eSticky Notes aims to support people with memorization problems to maintain their autonomy of life. The main target group (primary end-users) are people with age-related obliviousness, people with early stages of dementia and people with early Alzheimer’s disease. A set of networked graphical displays (the digital eSticky Notes) assist the person having memory problems by presenting important information including scheduled events, medication reminders and nutrition recommendations or notifications of events in the building that need attention.

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