Name: Broadcasting and Multicasting Over Enhanced UMTS Mobile Broadband Networks
Link: http://b-bone.ptinovacao.pt
Funding_Authority: EU-FP6
Coordinator: Portugal Telecom Inovacao
Start_Date: 01/02/2004
End_Date: 30/06/2006
Duration(months): 29
UCY_Budget: 322,232
Principal_Investigator: Pitsillides Andreas


B-BONE project focus only on the analysis of a single technology scenario, which is the utilisation of the UMTS technology (TDD or FDD) for broadcast and multicast purposes having as reference 3GPP Release 06. Enhancements to the UMTS technology will be proposed to improve its performance when providing the referred type of services. Moreover, it is planned to establish a comparison with the DVB-H and WiFi technologies, independently of the business models. The approach followed is to further enhance UMTS network capacity, RAN and Core network functionalities and transmission rates, considering both FDD and TDD modes, to accommodate digital broadcasting/multicasting/unicasting services.

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