Acronym Name Coordinator Start_Date End_Date UCY_Budget Total_Budget Principal_Investigator
Baba Cool II The Back Office Trainer HYPO-Bildung 01/12/1999 31/05/2001 2,500 N/A Papadopoulos George
LocalNet II Localnet II -Managing telework Bealtaine Ltd 01/12/1999 31/05/2001 6,400 N/A Papadopoulos George
R.A.D.I.O. Remote Action in Distributed Learning Environments Universitat Bremen 01/12/1999 31/05/2001 13,200 N/A Papadopoulos George
DISTRANET Distance Training Dissemination Network Vocational Training Centre of the Metal Industry (CENFIΜ) 01/12/1999 31/05/2001 3,490 N/A Papadopoulos George
European Master And Mult.Bus. European Master In Multimedia Business and Training Projects-on Line Development and Dissemination The Institut Superieur de Commerce Saint-Louis 01/12/1999 31/05/2001 8,000 N/A Papadopoulos George
Travelling Transnational Virtual Environment for Life-Long Learning in Biomedicine Camara De Compensation 01/12/1998 04/05/2000 8,322 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
Madalib The Research Initiative on Mobile Computing NetU Consultants Ltd 01/07/1999 N/A 42,715 N/A Samaras George
Telegyn Gynecological Cancer Diagnostic Telepathology And Teleconsultation Network Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC) 01/07/1999 30/06/2001 18,050 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
SE for Distributed Developing Software Engineering Environments for Distributed Information Systems Stichting Matematisch Centrum 01/10/1998 30/09/2002 45,000 N/A Papadopoulos George
MENON Multi-media Educational Inovation Network Lambrakis Research Foundation 01/10/1998 30/09/1999 27,000 N/A Schizas Christos
INHERIT Creation d´un nouveau metier polyvalent du patrimoine en espace rural Alpes de Lumiere 01/12/1998 04/05/2001 16,000 N/A Papadopoulos George
MRDL Multi-media Research Work Λαϊκή Τράπεζα 01/03/1993 N/A N/A N/A Schizas Christos
CJIS Cultural Journeys in the Information Society European Commission 01/12/1998 30/11/2001 450,000 N/A Schizas Christos
Healthnet Health telematics training network European Commission 08/12/1997 12/07/2000 83,026 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
CLFSA Computational Logic for Flexible Solutions to Applications Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 01/10/1998 30/09/2001 31,000 N/A Kakas Antonis
Medwater MEDWATER:A Decision Support System for Water Management in the Mediterranean Region University of Sunderland 01/11/1997 31/10/2000 93,100 N/A Keravnou Elpida
Ambulance/Emergency 112 Mobile Unit for Health Care Provision via Telematics support Γραφείο Προγραμματισμού 01/01/1996 01/01/2000 158,900 N/A Schizas Christos
Meduse Monitoring and Prediction of the Atmospheric Transport and Deposition of Desert Dust in the Mediterranean Region Γραφείο Προγραμματισμού 01/10/1996 31/03/1998 103,370 N/A Evripidou Paraskevas