Acronym Name Coordinator Start_Date End_Date UCY_Budget Total_Budget Principal_Investigator
V-ALERT Virtual World for Awareness and Learning on Information Security Ελληνικό Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο 01/11/2013 31/01/2016 84,772 491,208 Papadopoulos George
SEOP Social Electricity Online Platform Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) 01/01/2014 31/12/2015 99,189 495,332 Pitsillides Andreas
MIRACULOUS-LIFE Miraculous-Life for Elderly Independent Living Miraculous-Life Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT) 01/12/2013 30/11/2016 493,560 4,195,276 Samaras George
VALS Virtual Alliances for Learning Society Universidad De Salamanca (USAL) 01/10/2013 29/02/2016 53,210 533,337 Papadopoulos George
PaaSage Model Based Cloud Platform Upperware GEIE ERCIM 01/10/2012 30/09/2016 386,153 9,459,888 Papadopoulos George
ENERG Energy efficient graphics algoriths for mobile devices A.R.M.E.S Ltd 02/10/2013 04/01/2015 45,900 160,275 Chrysanthou Yiorgos
HARPA Harnessing Performance Variability Politecnico Di Milano 01/09/2013 30/11/2016 506,488 3,889,643 Sazeides Yiannakis
e-Enerca New e-Heath Services For The European Reference Network on rare anaemias Consorci Institut D 01/09/2013 31/08/2016 166,524 1,955,296 Schizas Christos
AppCampus AppCampus Funding Program Aalto University Foundation 20/11/2012 24/12/2014 20,000 N/A Zeinalipour Demetris
Breast Cancer (ABCD-CAD) Development of a breast cancer density specific computer aided detection system Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 20/02/2013 30/06/2015 127,714 139,734 Pattichis Constantinos
PersonaWeb Personalizing Generic Web Environments Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 08/01/2013 30/06/2015 103,552 164,632 Samaras George
ΤΟΥΡΙΣΤΙΚΟΣ ΟΔΗΓΟΣ Ανάπτυξη και Εφαρμογή Ψηφιακού-Ιστορικού-Πολιτισκού-Τουριστικού Οδηγού IMH C.S.C. Ltd 02/01/2012 01/01/2014 27,062 N/A Pitsillides Andreas
iSocial Decentralized Online Social Networks Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan 01/10/2012 30/09/2016 649,345 3,738,976 Dikaiakos Marios
CELAR Automatic, multi-grained elasticity-provisioning for the cloud Athena Research Innovation Center In Information Communication and Knowledge Technologies 01/10/2012 30/09/2015 590,267 346,678 Dikaiakos Marios
VR-CAVE Ένα υπερσύχρονο σύστημα εικονικής πραγματικότητας για την Προαγωγή της Διεπιστημονικής Έρευνας και Ανάπτυξης στην Κύπρο Τεχνολογικό Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου (ΤΕΠΑΚ) 02/04/2012 04/01/2015 20,640 499,887 Chrysanthou Yiorgos
RecoNLife Reconstruction of everyday life in the 19th Centrury Nicosia Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/06/2012 30/11/2014 112,760 188,667 Chrysanthou Yiorgos
ViDaPe Visual Dance Performance for Interactive Characters Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/06/2012 31/01/2015 120,680 124,520 Chrysanthou Yiorgos
FOLK MUSIC Intelligent system for the identification of similarities and differences between the Greek-Cypriot, Greek, Turkish-Cypriot and Turkish folk music Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 02/04/2012 04/01/2015 99,300 99,300 Schizas Christos
InnoFun Funding Policies to bring Innovation to Fiance/market/people Jihočeská agentura pro podporu inovačního podnikání o.p.s. 01/01/2012 31/12/2014 221,447 1,924,122 Papadopoulos George
HEALTH RECORD Electronic health record at national level Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 02/04/2012 08/01/2014 136,774 191,974 Schizas Christos
SocialRobot Support for training and career development of researchers University de Coimbra - IGCP 01/11/2011 31/10/2015 151,711 1,039,198 Samaras George
LINK2SAFETY A next gereration secure linked data medical information space for semantically interconnecting electronic health records and clinical trials systems advancing patients safety in clinical research Intrasoft International 01/10/2011 30/09/2014 560,600 4,411,664 Pattichis Constantinos
ΤΗΛΕΑΠΟΚΑΤΑΣΤΑΣΗ Αποκατάσταση ασθενών στη κοινότητα με τηλεϊατρική υποστήριξη Μονάδα Ενταντικής Θεραπείας Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Λευκωσίας 01/09/2011 30/04/2014 208,375 N/A Dikaiakos Marios
T2D Investigation of Type 2 Diabetes susceptibility loci in the Cypriot population The Cyprus Foundation for Muscular Dystrophy Research 01/06/2011 31/08/2013 15,840 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
V-SENSE V-Sense: A vehicular sensor network infrastructure Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 15/01/2011 14/02/2013 63,337 N/A Dikaiakos Marios
CVN NETWORK Connected Vitality, the Personal Telepresence Network Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/06/2010 31/08/2013 240,000 N/A Papadopoulos George
eMammoth eMammoth-Compute and Store on Grids and Clouds Infrastractures Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2010 30/11/2013 95,200 N/A Dikaiakos Marios
FIREWATCH GIS-assisted Wireless Sensor Networks for Forest Fires Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2010 31/05/2013 111,720 157,600 Samaras George
Co-Living Virtual Collaborative Social Living Community for Elderly Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/10/2010 30/09/2013 122,652 240,000 Samaras George
CANNABINOIDS The role of cannabinoids in learning and memory Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2010 28/02/2014 147,760 149,760 Christodoulou Chris
TRACKING Illumination Neutralisation with application in tracking Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 15/09/2010 14/01/2013 24,204 59,964 Chrysanthou Yiorgos
COIN Collaboration and Interoperability for networked enterprises in an enlarge European Union TXT e-solutions S.p.A 01/07/2010 31/12/2011 239,000 N/A Papadopoulos George
MOBILE-AR Mobile AR Assisted Maintenance A.R.M.E.S Ltd 01/11/2010 31/12/2012 60,640 N/A Chrysanthou Yiorgos
AGILE Rapidly-Deployable, Self-Tuning, Self-Reconfigurable, Nearly-Optimal Control Design For Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) 01/09/2010 30/11/2013 301,216 N/A Pitsillides Andreas
RELIABLE Reliable Master-Worker Internet-based Computing Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/11/2010 31/10/2012 74,440 84,275 Georgiou Chryssis
ATOMIC Seeking Fastness in Multiple writer multiple-reader atomic register implementations Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 15/09/2010 14/09/2011 32,040 N/A Georgiou Chryssis
EGI-InSPIRE European Grid Initiative: Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Research in Europe Stichting European Grid Initiative 01/05/2010 30/04/2014 552,960 N/A Dikaiakos Marios
LLM Long Lasting Memories Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης 01/04/2010 31/03/2012 349,597 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
I-CAMPUS Leonardo Da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme Multilateral Projects LLP-LDV-TOI-09-IT-0451 Ecipar di Ravenna s.r.l. 01/10/2009 30/09/2011 21,085 N/A Papadopoulos George
SIMPOL VR Synthesis of Dynamic Characters with motion capture data for human figure animation: Educating the police force Frederick Research Center 01/12/2009 31/08/2012 37,440 N/A Chrysanthou Yiorgos
EuroCloud Energy-conscious 3D Server-on-Chip for Green Cloud Services Arm Ltd 01/01/2010 30/06/2013 664,556 N/A Sazeides Yiannakis
ASTERICS AsTeRICS is a free and Open-Source construction set for assistive technologies (AT) Kompetenznetzwerk KI-I 01/01/2010 31/12/2012 372,800 N/A Papadopoulos George
TERAFLUX Exploiting dataflow parallelism in Terodevice Computing Universita Degli Studi Di Siena 01/01/2010 31/03/2014 909,920 N/A Evripidou Paraskevas
STARTENT Fostering Business-University Partnerships for Enterpreneurship Education in Europe Instituto Technologico De Canarias 18/11/2009 17/04/2011 90,615 N/A Evripidou Paraskevas
Sei.Li.nG Seize Life through Gaming Ίδρυμα Διαχείρισης Ευρωπαϊκών Προγραμμάτων Δια Βίου Μάθησης (ΙΔΕΠ) 01/10/2009 30/09/2011 83,185 224,394 Evripidou Paraskevas
J-DSP Design, Implementation and Dissemination of Multiciplinary online Java Digital Signal Processing Arizona State University 16/08/2008 31/07/2015 19,300 19,300 Pattichis Constantinos
mEducator Multi-type Content Repurposing and Sharing in Medical Education Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης 01/05/2009 30/04/2012 349,250 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
ΚΛΕΙΔΙΑ Καινοτομικό Πρότυπο Αναζήτησης με λέξεις κλειδιά σε συσχετιστικές βάσεις δεδομένων - Συνόψεις Αντικειμένων Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/04/2009 30/05/2010 49,966 N/A Schizas Christos
ΜΟΥΣΕΙΟ ΤΡΟΦΙΜΩΝ Εικονικό Μουσείο Κυπριακών Τροφίμων και Διατροφή Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/03/2009 15/07/2011 72,790 123,654 Chrysanthou Yiorgos
PSICO Management of the psicopedagogical competences of the construction´s sector trainers Fundacion Laboral de la Construccion 01/10/2008 30/09/2010 38,851 N/A Papadopoulos George
ΙΧΝΗΛΑΤΗΣ Ευφυής Υπηρεσία Ιχνηλασιμότητας δεμάτων μέσω ηλεκτρονικής ταυτοποίησης με χρήση ραδιοσυχνοτήτων σε αλυσίδες ανεφοδιασμού και μεταφοράς εμπορευμάτων Datatech Business Solutions Ltd 01/02/2009 30/06/2011 39,400 N/A Pallis George
TRICE Teaching Research Innovation in computing education Rusenski Universitet Angel Kunchev 01/10/2008 30/09/2011 9,905 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
ΣΚΛΗΡΥΝΣΗ Ποσοτική και ποιοτική ανάλυση εστιών πολλαπλης σκλήρυνσης σε εικόνες εγκεφάλου μαγνητικής τομογραφρίας Κέντρο Εφαρομοσμένων Ερευνών και Τεχνολογίας 01/12/2008 31/05/2011 19,488 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
EU-TRAINER EU-Trainer for ICT - and Mediacompetencies Arbeitskreis Ostviertel Burgerhaus Bennohaus 29/09/2008 28/09/2010 31,718 N/A Papadopoulos George
OFTL OFTL Europe Process of transferring the innovative aspect of the OFTL System The institute Antonio Provola 01/10/2008 30/09/2010 12,800 N/A Papadopoulos George
ΣΚΟΛΙΩΣΗ 2 Ανάπτυξη πειραματικού φωτογραμμετρικού συστήματος για τη διάγνωση της σκολίωσης Geoimaging Ltd 01/01/2009 31/12/2010 45,600 N/A Chrysanthou Yiorgos
ΙΝΓΚ Αναβάθμιση υφιστάμενης μονάδας μικροσυστοιχιών The Cyprus Foundation for Muscular Dystrophy Research 01/08/2006 31/07/2010 1,709 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
ΧΑΡΤΗΣ Γενικευμένο σύστημα αραφούς γνωστικού χάρτη για ρεαλιστική προσομοίωση πολύπλοκων δυναμικών συστημάτων Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 15/01/2009 14/07/2012 89,790 96,408 Schizas Christos
CONFLICT Understanding self control through computational modelling of internal conflict Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2008 30/11/2010 59,936 N/A Christodoulou Chris
REAL Real time wireless transmission of medical ultrasound video Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2008 31/01/2011 59,980 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
NATURE - SDI Best practice network for SDI in nature conservation Geographical Information Systems International Group (GISIG) 01/10/2008 31/03/2011 62,399 N/A Schizas Christos
CELL-DDM Data Driven Multithreading on the Heterogeneous Cell Multi Core Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2008 30/11/2010 59,854 N/A Evripidou Paraskevas
EM-VANET Emergency message dissemination for safety applications in vehicular ad hoc networks Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2008 31/01/2011 22,800 99,919 Pitsillides Andreas
MELCO Mobile Elderly Living Community Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2008 31/01/2011 88,564 218,555 Samaras George
COMP-DDM Automatic data driven multithreading on homogeneous and heterogeneous -cell-BE-processors utilizing the GCC compiler Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2008 30/11/2011 91,480 N/A Evripidou Paraskevas
MIN2C Mimicking Nature for Designing Robust Congestion Control Mechanisms in Self-Organized Autonomous Decentralized Networks Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2008 31/01/2011 86,098 99,958 Pitsillides Andreas
PROTEIN Developing of Novel and Efficient Second-Order Learning and Optimisation Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction Ίδρυμα Προώθησης Έρευνας (ΙΠΕ) 01/12/2008 30/11/2011 84,823 N/A Christodoulou Chris
HARBORS Mediterranean harbors-ships and the sea: The invisible routes Γραφείο Προγραμματισμού 01/09/2007 30/11/2008 28,107 N/A Chrysanthou Yiorgos
WideMEDnet A mediterranean network for higher and continuing medical education resources Γραφείο Προγραμματισμού 01/10/2008 30/06/2009 158,242 N/A Pattichis Constantinos
CONET Cooperating and Communication Technologies Universitaetskasse Bonn and Universitat Duisburg (ESSEN) 01/06/2008 30/11/2012 570,339 N/A Samaras George
ICOPER Interoperable Content for Performance in a competency driven society Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien Augasse 01/09/2008 28/02/2011 134,400 N/A Evripidou Paraskevas
GINSENG Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks University College Cork 01/09/2008 29/02/2012 447,187 N/A Vassileiou Vasos
REGIONS Regions for better brodband connection Region Piedmont 01/09/2008 30/09/2010 151,750 N/A Papadopoulos George
IPAC Integrated platform for autonomic computing Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών 01/05/2008 28/02/2011 338,298 N/A Samaras George
EGEE-III Enabling Grids for E-Science III European Organization For Nuclear Research 01/05/2008 30/04/2010 258,356 N/A Dikaiakos Marios